Help & FAQs

Q: How can I upload my cartoons?

A: You have to be a member of the Flash Cartoons Portal. To sign up click under the login box where it says "Create new account" or Click Here to Register

Q: I can't log in, what is wrong?

A: Under the login box, click "Request new password" or Click Here to Request a New Password

Q: I want to make cartoons, but how do I do it?

A: Most of the cartoons here are made with Adobe Flash, or other programs that can publish a .swf file. For lessons/tutorials in Adobe Flash check out our Tutorials. Flash Cartoon Tutorials

Q: Someone stole your cartoon and/or what can I do if I find out a movie is stolen?

A: Contact us right away, tell us where it is stolen from and be sure to include the submission's URL. We will take care of it right away.

Q: Are there any guidelines to uploading a cartoon?

A: Yes, we do not accept cartoons that include excessive racism or pornographic images.

Q: Is there a file size limit for uploading a cartoon?

A: Yes, currently we are limiting uploads to 6 mb. You could always turn a cartoon into parts and that can help reducing file size.

Q: How can I contact Flash Cartoons Portal for help?

A: Simple, we have a forum to post any questions, suggestions or comments you have. Flash Cartoons Portal Forum


PLEASE NOTE: With the amount of spam we got in the first few months of the site. We are not allowing new members to make blog posts, comment, and create new topics in the forum. However new members will be able to upload flash, and after that all the features will be open to you.

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