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Happy Halloween!! New Donn & Don!!

Donn & Don - Episode 3 - Halloween!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

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Donn & Don - Episode 2 Finished!

Episode 2!!! Donn has a public service announcement that is just needed to be said! Take his advice kids, Donn knows all!


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Be referred to by bloo-apple!!

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Donn & Don Cartoon

Started a new series to help advertise the new portal. A new series called Donn & Don, about two friends and the wacky things they go through. Sure they are just circular balls, but they can get into some messed up situations.

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Crosstown Blog

Testing blog, this is cool!

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Kinjokids - Animated Comic Strips

Kinjokids is a animated black and white comic. With funny stories and smooth animation. has grown from its first pilot episode to having Holiday Specials. Thanks to kinjokids Fans!!

This series is about a bunch of friends
(if you can call them friends) lives and experiences. You will see love, hate, violence, profanity, comedy and sci-fi all in one! So we dare you to join the world of kinjo.

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Bloo-Apple Blog and Information

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my Blog

Welcome to my blog I am not an animator, sorry to disappoint you.

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Over 10 years ago when I created Flash Cartoons, the main thing I wanted was an upload portal. I thought to myself, if someone made a flash cartoon, wouldn't be the best place to upload it??

NOW WE FINALLY HAVE A FLASH PORTAL!!! Please note it is in beginning stages, lot's of bugs to be worked out, design to be designed, etc, etc, etc, etc.

Tell your friends, tell your co-workers, tell your classmates, tell your parents!! This might be the start of something HUGE!!!!


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