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Droppin Beats 5 - Donkey Kong Edition

New Game! This is the Donkey Kong Edition of DB, all Donkey Kong items! Use your cursor to dodge the notes in this musical maze.
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Kirby's Dream Land - Harlem Shake

Kirby and friends join in on the Harlem Shake trend, making dream land crazier than ever!

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Harlem Shake - Mortal Kombat

Every time I saw the Harlem Shake it reminded me of Mortal Kombat dizzy animation, right before the fatality. Somehow it evolved into this.

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Donkey Kong Country Parodies

Spoofs on the old game! A big thanks to Marc Filmer for composing, and Yoshi-1up for voice acting. This is the first movie in the upcomming series by David Moore called "Donkey Kong Country Parodies". Enjoy :)

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The End of Days - 2012 Prophecy

Today is the end of the world according to the Mayans and Nostradamus. Is their perdictions right? Will God end the world according to humans beliefs? FIND OUT!

This may be the last cartoon you ever see...

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Chick n' Slice

Meet Chick and Slice. The two just meet and become good friends, together they set out on an adventure to Antarctica so they will never go bad.
Log Line: A never ending journey to stay refrigerated.

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